114 N. Third Street, McCall, Idaho

Building community with shared space for work, meetings, events, classes, and meditation.

  • Comfortable, sunny room
  • High speed cable internet
  • Room for 8 people working per 6 feet guidelines
  • Come any time: 24/7 Access
  • Easily moveable furniture into multiple configurations
  • Outdoor bistro tables
  • Kitchenette, storage, locking file cabinet and rolling whiteboard
  • Access to a Pro Zoom account
  • Ample parking and easy access
  • Classes and meditation sittings included
  • Be part of an active, supportive community
  • Help design and create our mission

What are we doing for Covid-19?

We have an alcohol and soap cleaning spray for members and folks dropping in to work. Members clean knobs, fixtures, switches, and tables every time they use the space. With the warmer weather, we’ve kept the door open for ventilation. We have 6 foot bamboo sticks for people spacing, 2 new tables outside, and soap with very hot water at both sinks. Each member has their own hand towel. Guests may use paper towels or the regularly washed guest towels.

We welcome new members, patrons, and guests. We will take additional measures when requested.

More About CUB

A Coworking Space is a way for people to share rent, utilities, equipment, and parcel delivery. Even better, we get to see each other. We are energized by others in the room. We can collaborate, troubleshoot, learn from each other, and build community.

  • Focus and create in a clean, beautiful space.
  • Meet people and discover what others are doing.
  • Share ideas and resources.
  • Get out of the house and its distractions.
  • Come every day or once in awhile.
  • Make tea or lunch in the kitchenette.
  • Take a break in our meditation corner.
  • Members receive full access.
  • Patrons and drop-ins have daytime access.

Why a coworking space in McCall?

McCall has over 100 nonprofits and an unknown number of solopreneurs, small businesses, and individuals working from home and cafés. CUB offers an alternative—a common work space where we can collaborate and share expenses.

Why prioritize executive board meetings?

Our nonprofit members have regularly scheduled board meetings and need a suitable room. We have a community ethic to support our nonprofits and their impact.

Why include events and meditation in the space?

Our community is full of creativity, skills, and rich experiences to share. Since most coworking happens during the day, we can maximize the space with evening and weekend classes, discussion groups, speakers, workshops, and performances. And for some of us, our work is facilitating, teaching, and presenting.

Meditation helps us focus, become less reactive, more insightful, and calmer. CUB meditation sessions occur before the normal workday begins and on Sunday mornings, Tuesday evenings, and special weekend sessions.

Count me in! How can I participate?


  • Shared work space:
    • $10 day
    • $40 week
    • $100 month
  • Meditation sessions by donation.
  • Classes and events have fees determined by instructors.
  • Reserve the space:
    • $25 community class or meeting
    • $50 adult social gathering, with a $50 refundable cleaning deposit. The space and furnishings are not suitable for children.


Become a Patron to support CUB and/or attend events. You may live out of town and wish to support community building. You may live in the area and attend regular or occasional events.

Patrons attend:

  • Meditation access, sessions and classes
  • Classes and events with Luminaire
  • Wellness Wednesdays with McCall Team doTERRA

$10-$20 monthly suggested. We’ll make it easy–just click here to become a patron.


Become a member who uses CUB as a work space. Members include nonprofits, solopreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, and individuals. Receive:

  • Full access
  • Priority scheduling events
  • Ability to hold evening and weekend events
  • Access to Google Calendar for scheduling the room
  • Meditation sessions and classes
  • Classes and events with Luminaire
  • Special CUB-sponsored events
  • Wellness Wednesdays with McCall Team doTERRA
  • Occasional community class discounts per instructor

$75 monthly regular
$50 monthly for nonprofits occasional
$25 monthly for individual occasional

Nonprofit board meetings are posted in advance on our website, in the weekly community email, and at the door.

To apply for membership, please send a short narrative about yourself or your organization to cubmccall@gmail.com. Please include how you see yourself using the space.

Sponsorships and Partners

Large cash donations and sponsorships from individuals and organizations receive full membership benefits. We also partner with other local organizations to share resources.

What’s in it for me?

  • Get some work done in a peaceful, beautiful room.
  • Hold a meeting somewhere quiet and convenient.
  • Be motivated by the collective energy of others working in the room.
  • Meet some neighbors—troubleshoot challenges, brainstorm, collaborate.
  • Come meditate any time or join regular sittings and special classes.
  • Get out of the house and work or relax somewhere nice.
  • Create or attend a community class, discussion, meeting, or presentation.

Learn. Be inspired. Connect.
Let’s build something together.

CUB has been created by Renée Silvus of Luminaire, providing coaching, facilitation, and unique events for self-growth and transformation.

Support provided by the West Central Mountains Economic Development Council and other generous neighbors.

Questions? Please call Renée at 208 – 630 – 4913.

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