Aging and Dying Resources

“What’s important is The Conversation. Tell your loved ones what you want….It’s scary, but it’s good for the soul.” Rae Ann McKeating This page is the result of our winter 2021 series, Looking Ahead, Conversations on Aging and Dying. These resources are highly recommended by facilitators and participants. Event descriptions follow the resource list. WithContinue reading “Aging and Dying Resources”

The Power of Intention and Creating a Focus Wheel

February 6, 2021with Jeanette Dames11:00 am – 1:00 pm $40 The Power of Intention is one of the quickest ways to manifest. Understanding and implementing this concept in your life can create a whole new world of manifestation.  The Focus Wheel developed by Abraham-Hicks helps speed this even more. In this workshop, Jeanette will lead youContinue reading “The Power of Intention and Creating a Focus Wheel”

Walden Community Read

by Henry David Thoreau Facilitation with Renée SilvusAutumn 2020 Consider your place in the world, your relationship with nature, and how to live more consciously. You probably read excerpts in high school. Has anyone ever invited you to read it all, like now? Let’s read this familiar and powerful book in a time of uncertainty.Continue reading “Walden Community Read”

Immune Support for Winter

With Dr. Brandi SolaceTuesday, October 205:30 – 6:30 pm$20, $15 for CUB members and patrons Build a strong foundation to weather the Storm. Dr. Solace will discuss what you can do now to strengthen your immune system.  She will discuss food, supplements, and lifestyle factors to focus on.  Learn what labs are beneficial to getContinue reading “Immune Support for Winter”

The Joy of Grounding & Energy Testing

with Rand Gholson, Energies Rising Postponed until gatherings are safer $95 regular$85 members and patrons Grounding is essential so we do not draw in the released energies of others. It is also necessary so we can establish new patterns of behaviors and emotions and work to become more responsible for our own self-care. This isContinue reading “The Joy of Grounding & Energy Testing”