Metabolic Fitness Series

With Dr. Gail Eberharter Rankin and Deanna Clauson

3 Saturdays 1:00 – 3:00 pm on Zoom

In their work, Gail and Deanna see the gaps in accurate information. They’re teaming up to address this important topic and provide some high quality support.

September 25 Explore how optimizing blood sugar is a critical key to better sleep, improved energy and cancer/dementia prevention. Achieve a healthy body composition and boost your immune function. Discuss blood sugar monitoring and how to combine foods and time exercise to improve glucose. We will detail the ways that your body tells you blood sugar is elevated. Also receive recipes with top 100 foods for lowering blood sugar.

October 16 Undercover factors: We will look at gut health, nutrient depletion and toxin load as hidden factors which continue carbohydrate cravings and slow glucose improvement.  

November 6 Our third session will address any individual concerns–questions can be submitted anonymously ahead of time– and include a discussion of social factors involved in changing dietary routines, especially involving holidays and family gatherings. Special recipes for holiday celebrations will be shared.

Read more and register here. Also take advantage of a special coaching offer with Deanna. Cub Patrons and Members may use discount code CUBMEMBER for your special rate.

Published by Renée Silvus

Offering life and health coaching, retreats, classes, and facilitation of courses, discussion evenings, company retreats, yoga classes, and couples work. The mission of Luminaire is to help people see themselves, their world, and their possibilities more clearly, and to show up with awareness, confidence, and respect for others. The mission of Community Hub is to build community with shared space and resources for working, meetings, events, classes, and meditation.

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