The Power of Intention and Creating a Focus Wheel

February 6, 2021
with Jeanette Dames
11:00 am – 1:00 pm

The Power of Intention is one of the quickest ways to manifest. Understanding and implementing this concept in your life can create a whole new world of manifestation.  The Focus Wheel developed by Abraham-Hicks helps speed this even more.

In this workshop, Jeanette will lead you through a process to get specifically clear on your intention(s) and show you how to magnify them through the creation and use of the Focus Wheel. We will create a Wheel in a fun art project as a tool for your personal manifestation, and then practice using it.  

You’ll go home with your Focus Wheel and a companion 90-second meditation.

All materials will be provided. If you have pictures or symbols of what you would like to manifest, please bring them.

To register, email Jeanette at

Jeanette Dames
Angel Therapy Practitioner
Heal Your Money (Love, Joy, Peace or Health) Story Coach
Spiritual Response Therapy

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