Walden Community Read

by Henry David Thoreau

Facilitation with Renée Silvus
Autumn 2020

Consider your place in the world, your relationship with nature, and how to live more consciously.

You probably read excerpts in high school. Has anyone ever invited you to read it all, like now?

Let’s read this familiar and powerful book in a time of uncertainty. Something that celebrates the solitary life while exploring our human place in the world. Something inspiring that has impacted lives for over 100 years.

Let’s read it together, as a community. We can talk about it over tea and coffee, on neighborhood walks, and in spontaneous conversations.

Thoreau explores—

  • The fundamentals of living a conscious life.
  • How we know ourselves.
  • The function and uses of society.
  • Some laws and principles of nature.
  • Our connection to the natural world.
  • How we understand and experience the sacred.
  • The power of human imagination.

Our course goals are:

  • Read or listen to the book within a community.
  • Practice some activities inspired by the book.
  • Integrate some perspectives into your own life.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Virtual introductory slideshow, Getting to Know Henry.
  • Links to free audio and digital editions.
  • Recommended editions available at The Barn Owl Books and Gifts.
  • Pre-reading What to Look For and activities for each chapter in a podcast format.
  • Weekly optional conversations: rotating locations, walking dates, and virtual.
  • Opportunities to co-create by suggesting activities.

Recommended: have both print and audio versions.

Register here today.

Held in Idaho, welcoming folks from anywhere.

Sponsored by Luminaire and Community Hub McCall.

Partnering with McCall Arts and Humanities Council, The Barn Owl Books and Gifts, and the McCall, New Meadows, Donnelly, and Cascade Public Libraries.

Published by Renée Silvus

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