The Fall Reset

Reboot your energy, boost your metabolism, and jumpstart your health. 

Susan McCandless, Dietician and Nutritionist
Deanna Clauson, Functional Medicine Health Coach

Three Sundays Online: Oct 25, Nov 1, Nov 8
3:30 – 4:45 pm
$69 early-bird pricing if registered by Oct 18

An action-focused workshop with dietician nutritionist Susan McCandless, RDN, and functional medicine health coach Deanna Clauson. Gain insights and take solid action steps to rev up energy, metabolism and health!

Through education and self-reflection, this series will guide you to reset your eating and re-establish healthy habits. To ensure your success during our workshop, you will receive lots of support materials for you to use during and after our sessions, including:

  • handouts
  • 3 weeks of done-for-you interactive menus with recipes
  • a smartgrocery list
  • habit-building tools

Susan and MINT are a nutrition counseling practice specializing in functional and integrative nutrition, which addresses root causes of dis-ease, uses food-as-medicine and incorporates complimentary mind-body elements to maximize the benefits of diet changes.

Susan loves to share her passion for health and culinary arts. Her services include individual and family nutrition counseling, group workshops and cooking classes.

Deanna Clauson and Whole Mountain Health provide Functional Medicine Health Coaching, helping people just like you learn to eat healthier, reduce stress, find exercise you love, and get more restorative sleep. These are powerful tools for preventing, reversing and managing chronic illness. I love to help people learn how much control they have over their own health.

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