The Joy of Grounding & Energy Testing

with Rand Gholson, Energies Rising

Postponed until gatherings are safer

$95 regular
$85 members and patrons

Grounding is essential so we do not draw in the released energies of others. It is also necessary so we can establish new patterns of behaviors and emotions and work to become more responsible for our own self-care.

This is especially important for people working in healing occupations.

The testing portion of the class teaches how to do energy testing on others and self-test yourself. Testing others is taught using modified Kinesiology testing. Self-testing is essential to determine sensitivities to substances, foods and environmental components.

The class will contain two 3-hour segments with a 90 minute lunch break. Please bring your own lunch. Water, tea, coffee and snacks will be provided.

Handouts are provided. Please bring writing materials if you wish to take notes.

This is a scent-free environment to respect other students. Please do not wear oils or colognes.

Class will begin promptly at 9:00—please arrive early.

This class is a requirement for all other Pathfinder classes taught by Rand Gholson. Energy testing will be utilized in all of Rand’s classes, and Grounding is essential to health and successfully doing this work.

We are mask optional at Energies Rising events–you are welcome to use yours without judgment. Please extend the courtesy both ways. There will be hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes present. There will be therapeutic touch involved in ALL aspects of this workshop. We ask that participants sign an acknowledgement and waiver regarding this. If this feels uncomfortable, please honor that and postpone your participation until another time.

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About Rand Gholson

My healing work utilizes both formal training and a lifetime of working with the energies that move through my hands and energy systems.

I’ve completed all levels of training available in Eden Energy Medicine and am an Advanced Practitioner in that certification. I enjoy a foundational relationship with my mentor and teacher, Donna Eden. I hold a faculty position with the four year Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program.

Currently I am offering two different Paths of Healing Work. One path is for those who work energy through their hands and is called “Heart through Hand Healing”, the other path is shamanic and angelic healing and is called “ Heart through Third Eye Healing”.

I travel doing workshops in the above studies as well as teaching in Phoenix quarterly for the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program. I encourage community hosts to work with me in bringing these trainings to their communities.

Of course, I offer session work in all of these areas as well. May you have a wonderful existence! Namasté.

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