Heal Your Money Story

with Jeanette Dames
Certified Heal Your Money Story Coach

September 10
7:00 – 9:00 pm

How comfortable are you with money?  We don’t often think about being uncomfortable with money, and many of us are.  We spend it as soon as we get it, we don’t save it, we worry when we don’t have enough, we worry when we do have enough yet feel we might lose it. 

We all have a Money Story that either supports us or cripples us.  In this introductory evening, Jeanette will present an overview of blocks we unknowingly create that clog our money flow, and offer some tips to get it flowing again.

Jeanette Dames
Angel Therapy Practitioner
Heal Your Money (Love, Joy, Peace or Health) Story Coach
Spiritual Response Therapy

Published by Renée Silvus

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