Your Hijacked Creative Flow

Tuesday, April 7 at 4:00 pm, Register here.

with Renée Silvus

Your plans, your flow, your life have been hijacked. Multiple projects are disrupted, and you may be feeling more reactive than usual. It’s a new normal we’re redefining day by day—of course you feel wobbly.

This call will use the Creative Process to see perspectives and structures to readjust your planning and hold it all together.

The Creative Process

Preparation, Invitation, & Generation
Incubation and Absorption
Inspiration and Illumination
Implementation & Surrender

  • How to handle fear and resistance as creative blocks.
  • Identify and adjust locations of multiple disrupted projects.
  • Bring a level of certainty to your current planning and implementing.
  • Identify structures to help with focus and concentration.

Zoom is easy and no one has to see you. Just be comfortable showing up however you are. I don’t wear make-up and I’m probably wearing sweatpants. Just click the link, download the app, choose a name for yourself, and you’re in.

We’ve got this. You aren’t alone.

Published by Renée Silvus

Offering life and health coaching, retreats, public speaking, and facilitation of courses, discussion evenings, company retreats, yoga classes, and couples work. The mission of Luminaire is to help people see themselves, their world, and their possibilities more clearly, and to show up with awareness, confidence, and respect for others.

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