The Hero’s Journey and Integral Pandemic

Thursday, April 9 at 6:00 pm. Register here.
Saturday, April 11 at 11 am. Register here.
with Renée Silvus

The map of the Hero’s Journey is the one central, shared story of a human lifetime. It contains central archetypes or deep symbols that give meaning to experience. For instance, a warrior represents courage, strength, and a shifting or keeping of order. The warrior’s sword can also stand for those things, along with the transmission of a lineage.

This paradigm can help us frame the underlying psychology and spiritual wisdom of the pandemic.

There are a few possibilities to help hold the pandemic: initiation, the belly of the whale, descent into darkness, time out, thresholds, and threshold guardians. What’s interesting is that the pandemic seems to include and transcend these archetypes, giving it an Integral spin.

Navel of the World, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Bethlehem

Please join me for a deep dive into the psychology of the pandemic. I’ll have a super cool slideshow ready to go. You can participate and join any time as we run through the map, or you can relax in the background and just absorb.

Published by Renée Silvus

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