Anxiety Busters, Pandemic Support for Stress

Listen to the Recording here, any time.

with Renée Silvus

Let’s get honest–we have some anxiety right now–it might be obvious, like no income, or it might be sensing an underlying current of uncertainty in the community.

We look at our resources, some help from the wisdom traditions, and some strategies for living. I’ve got a list of ideas from health to finances.

Special virtual support events during the Pandemic Stay at Home time are free of charge. Donations to support CUB’s operating costs gratefully accepted.

Published by Renée Silvus

Offering life and health coaching, retreats, public speaking, and facilitation of courses, discussion evenings, company retreats, yoga classes, and couples work. The mission of Luminaire is to help people see themselves, their world, and their possibilities more clearly, and to show up with awareness, confidence, and respect for others.

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